The journey to the Sunderban by boat is a wonderful experience as we see green trees are all over the places on either side of the river. Sunderban tiger view points is a wonderful resort to stay. After you reach to the resort you will be warmly welcomed by the staffs of this resort. The entry to this resort is a wonderful experience as you have go keeping a wonderful reservoir in your left. And in the right side you will find a wonderful garden and a beautiful pond. In that pond you can see tortoises swimming around. There are 30 rooms in this resort and it is expected to rise in the coming years. There are two honeymoon cottages on the either side of the reservoir and the rooms are really nice and nicely decorated. The wooden beds are well polished and the bed sheet is charming and the window and door curtains are beautiful. The attached bathroom is neat and clean and bath tub is there. Room staffs are available 24*7 and hospitality is at its extremity. This resort is capable of accommodate more than 50 tourists at a time.

The other rooms of this resort are also beautiful and all types of facilities are there. Those rooms are also decorated and all have attached bathroom. The common dining room is just awesome and more than 30 members can have their lunch at a time. The room staffs serve food to you. All type of Indian foods you can get there. You get all type of fishes along with chicken, mutton whatever you wish. All foods served are delicious and mineral water bottle is served as well. There is an island at the middle of the reservoir where some cultural program takes place in the evening. All the members gather together and enjoy the program along with tea/coffee with snacks. The island is connected with a small overpass that looks beautiful at night as it is nicely decorated with light.

The main drawback of sunderban is that electricity is yet to reach there. But Generators are there and because of this you will get 24*7 lights, fan facilities there. And ground staffs work really hard to give the visitors all types of facilities they are looking for. So for a 2days 3 nights weekend trip Sundarban is a wonderful place to visit and the Sunderban tiger view point is a superb resort to enjoy with your family regarding the trip.

There are many places to visit in the sunderban. Some of them are Dublar Char Island, Hiron point, Katka, Tin Kona Island, Sundarban national park, Sajnekhali Bird sanctuary.

Dublar Char Island is one of the most enthralling islands to be visited in Sudarban. This island is mainly known as the variety of fishes. You can have a huge opportunity to experience the fishing activities here. Several wild animals including a number of deers belonging to varied species are found here. The place is very stunning and worthy of being photographed. The island is bordered on the eastern side by river Passur and by river Shibsha on the western side.

Hiron point is a beautiful place by the name of Nilkamal. Tourists coming here will find a peek into world of Animals. Wide range of animals can be found and seen here and the list includes different types of deers, leopards, tigers, monkeys, crocodiles as well.

In almost all the visiting places wild animals can be found. And if you are fortunate then you can see tiger. Overall it’s a wonderful place to visit.